How to make Shaun the Sheep Craft

Are you a fan of the “Shaun the Sheep” TV series? You are in the right place. We have created this popsicle craft just for you! I love watching it even at this age along with my kids. It is so impressive that it works so well with no dialogue, just cute animations, and clever visual jokes.

The supplies that we use for this craft are basic and inexpensive. All we need is black colored paper, some cotton, a pair of googly eyes and popsicle sticks. In no time, this Popsicle Craft will be ready.

Now, let’s grab our craft supplies and get to work on this simple-to-follow step-by-step tutorial listed below!

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How to make Shaun the Sheep popsicle craft

Materials Required:

Black colored craft paper


Popsicle Stick

A pair of googly eyes



How to make the Shaun the sheep popsicle craft:

Download and print the template for Shaun the Sheep Popsicle Craft. The template contains parts of Shaun the Sheep Craft, including the head and torso, ears, and legs.

Trace and cut out the parts of the template, using appropriate colors of craft paper. If you cannot take a printout you can cut out the paper circles of different sizes using a cookie cutter from black-colored craft paper. Cut out the hand and the leg pieces as well. Keep the materials ready.

Materials required

Glue the eyes to the smaller paper circle and draw the mouth.


Stick the paper circles together to form the Sheep’s body.

Face & Torso

Stick the ears to the Sheep’s face and stick the hands and legs to the Sheep’s body.


Apply glue on the Sheep’s body and stick cotton.

Sheep's body

Stick the Popsicle stick to the back side of the Sheep’s body.

Popsicle stick sheep craft

Your Popsicle Craft is ready.

If your child is someone who likes reading books, then I would recommend Shaun the Sheep: on the ball. This could be an amazing gift for your this Christmas.

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