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I’m swathi, the founder and editor of Mom’s Crafteria. I’m passionate about crafts and things related to crafts. This interest of mine has been very helpful in keeping my kids busy for some time. I’m excited to share all of my craft experiences with you. And I wanted to use this blog to share crafts that I have learned from the web.

Mom’s Crafteria is about sharing DIY ideas that you would enjoy creating with your kids. I’m here to help you get started at learning and making crafts.

You can start getting the most out of the Mom’s Crafteria by checking out the Craft button on the menu or the categories on the sidebar.

If you are looking for quick and easy crafts, you might find some inspiration here. I try to keep the supply list in my posts basic and inexpensive to help you get started right away. The crafts are not only easy but it’s also mess-free and perfect for some indoor fun.

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