Mouse Craft for Kids

If you are a person to run when you spot a mouse- you’re not alone! Most of us don’t like to see a mouse running in the house. But when it comes to crafting, mouse crafts are adorable. Here is a fun way to make this Mouse craft for kids.

Mice are intelligent creatures that have incredible survival skills. They are good jumpers, climbers, and swimmers. They have poor vision, so they depend on their other sense such as smell, hearing, and touch to get around and they are colorblind too.

Let’s make this clever creature with our step-by-step tutorial. Print out the template, grab a few supplies, and you are ready to create!

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Mouse craft for Kids

Supplies Required:

How to make the Mouse Craft for Kids:

Download and print the Template for the Mouse Craft for kids. The templates contain the parts of the Mouse Craft, including the head and torso, ears, tail, arms, and legs.

Trace the template parts onto a craft paper of appropriate colors and cut them out. If you cannot take a printout you can just trace circular shapes of different sizes using a cookie cutter on pieces of colored construction paper, and cut them out. You’ll have to draw the tail, arms, and legs.

Take a bigger paper circle, cut the radius of the paper circle to the center and join it to form a cone.

Glue the eyes to the cone, and draw the whiskers and the mouth. Join the ear cutouts and stick them together to form the mouse’s head

Join the head and the torso cutout together.

Glue the arms and the legs cut out on the mouse’s body.

Draw the nails with the black marker and glue the tail to the mouse’s body.

Your mouse craft is done!

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