Rainy Day Umbrella Craft for Kids

Who doesn’t like monsoon season? It’s pleasant with a cool breeze, and rain showers and brings everyone together to play. Let’s enjoy this monsoon season with our umbrella craft! They are colorful, fun, and perfect for kids of all ages.

Most people think umbrellas are for protecting people from rain, but, that’s not how they came about. They were originally used to shade noblemen and they served as marks of honor and authority for the wearer. Different places had different meanings for their usage in the past.

So, what are we waiting for? Lets grab all of the supplies and start our favourite activity of this season. This easy-to-do craft uses simple techniques and inexpensive supplies, like construction paper, glue, scissors, and a toothpick.

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Rainy day Umbrella Craft for Kids

Supplies Required:

How to make the Rainy day Umbrella craft for Kids:

Download and print the Template for the Rainy day Umbrella Craft for kids. The templates contain the parts of the Umbrella Craft, including the handle and shaft and canopy.

Trace the parts of the template onto a craft paper of appropriate colors and cut them out.  If you cannot take a printout you can just trace circular shapes using a cookie cutter and cut out the paper circles. You’ll need 10 of them. Cut a thin strip of a craft paper of any color for the handle of the umbrella.

Take a paper circle, fold it into half and again fold it into half till you form a quadrant. Repeat this for all of the paper circles.

Glue all of them together on sides to from the canopy of the umbrella.

Insert a toothpick to the center of the Umbrella’s canopy and glue it to form the shaft of the Umbrella.

Take the rectangular piece or a strip of craft paper, stick it to the toothpick and roll it to form the handle.

Your Umbrella Craft is done!

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