Sunflower Craft for Kids

Are you ready to make some super bright Sunflower Craft? Here is an adorable Sunflower craft that kids can make! These would be great for summer or autumn-themed activities or just for fun.  This Sunflower craft is perfect for your little ones to start with this season. 

Sunflowers track the sun when they are young. At sunrise, they will face east and follow the sun during the day; at sunset, they will face west. The Sunflower does come in different colors like brown, red, orange, yellow or purple. 

Get ready to make the tallest flower on the planet. Simply print out the free template, grab a few supplies, and you’re all ready to create. Please scroll down for a step-by-step tutorial.

Don’t forget to share your finished craft creation with us on social media. I would love to see how it has come out.

Sunflower Craft for Kids

Supplies Required:

How to make the sunflower Craft:

Download and print the Template for the Sunflower Craft for kids. The templates contain the parts of the Sunflower Craft, including the petals,seeds,stem and leaves.

Trace the parts of the template onto a craft paper of appropriate colors and cut them out. If you cannot take a printout you can just trace rectangular shapes of different sizes using a scale onto pieces of colored paper and cut them out.

Fold the yellow-colored construction paper in accordion style and fold in the middle of the paper to form a part of Sunflower’s petal.

Glue the sides and join them to form a single petal. Join all of the folded paper petals to form the Sunflower.

Take the paper circle, apply glue to it and sprinkle chia seeds on it. After drying, stick it to the center part of the Sunflower.

Grab a straw, apply glue all over it, roll the green-colored construction paper on it. Now, you have done with the stem part. Stick the stem to the Sunflower.

Take the leaf cutout, fold it into half to form the midrib. Stick the leaves to the stem of the Sunflower.

Your Sunflower craft is ready!

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